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GLAAD Please Include Transphobia in MRG

GLAAD Media Reference Guide doesn’t include a transphobia definition.

But it does include Biphobia and Homophobia.

This is a fundamental problem on many levels. It is not just limited to GLAAD. For instance, the spell checker I have has homophobia in it’s dictionary. It does not, however, have biphobia or transphobia. Websters dictionary includes homophobia but not transphobia or biphobia.

Perhaps GLAAD not including a definition of transphobia in their guide gives credence to a lot of the anti-trans bigotry we experience from the LGB communities. To these people, transphobia doesn’t exist.

Please add a definition of transphobia to your MRG with a detailed definition of what constitutes transphobia.

Thank you!


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